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The 4 Relationships Expanded Edition


How you relate creates your reality.  How well you relate determines how much you enjoy living.

In the experience you call Life, there are four basic systems activated, to which you relate each and every moment of every day.  These are The 4 Relationships creating your reality. Your interaction with them determines your happiness.  The more adept you are at functioning within the framework of each system, the more you will enjoy your life.

In this Expanded Edition Tina goes in-depth in many areas of life.  With chapters such as:  Wealth and You, Co-Creating, Bonding as a Couple, Your Journey, Your Spiritual Connection and more.


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Chapter 5:  Co-Creating

Designing a life together is always a process of co-creating and is the most powerful aspect of all processes.  Every human relationship you will ever have and every relationship you’ve already developed is a process of co-creation, you and another creating together.  You have your ideals and they have theirs, you bring them together and you co-mingle, designing the life you want together.  This is actually the purpose of marriage, the strength of a union and is the most significant practice life has to offer.  I hope you truly comprehend this to the degree that it changes forever the way you look at your relationships.

Every relationship carries opportunity, opportunity with such a magnitude few can fathom and even fewer actually ever attain.  To co-create is an art, a balance of Universal law and its practice between two people.  It’s the law of attraction magnified through the union of your bond.

Chapter 8:  Wealth and You

The biggest element to being wealthy is being fearless.  When it’s time to step UP to the level in life that inspires you, extend yourself, step outside the box, go get it, speak up, make yourself be known.  This requires a full release of self doubt, which is always fear. In order to align with the wealthy you must have no doubt you are worthy.

Chapter 13:  Your Journey

Moments aren’t flashing by you.  You are the moments.  Feel all of them.  With your breath, take in what’s desired and release what is not.  Recognize your place within each of your moments.  All energy is the essence of its outcome.  In other words:  Your energy about anything will be what you get out of it.  So, choose wisely the energy you embrace in each moment.  This defines your journey, whether or not you’re enjoying it and certainly, if in fact you arrive at your desired destination.




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