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Taste Like Chicken


“You have a light within you that needs nurturing, love and focus.  When you give this to yourself, you allow your strengths, your fire to ignite and your life to flourish.  This is the most dynamic aspect of living on this planet, living as a human being.”

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Product Description

Men and Women Taste Like Chicken book

Stop cluckin' around and spice up your love life!

About the Book

Men and Women Taste Like Chicken offers a broadened perspective on relationships and how coming together is always beautiful and significant.  One thing we’ve all in common is how chicken we truly are when it comes to deeply connecting with others, to create deeper bonds and partnerships.  With over three decades of clarity through Tina’s life story and relationships, the reader is strengthened with inspiration, awareness and an understanding through her insight and hind-sight.   Being a Relationship Expert and Master of Magnetism, Tina brilliantly culminates each chapter with her guidance and professional analysis.  Her insight will inspire you, as well and offer tips and tools to better your relationships and give you the know how to strengthen yourself through a breakup.  The book is written to lighten ones ideals as to how we relate to others and to recognize how relationships are always beneficial, no matter how complicated it may seem at the time.   The book outlines purpose and perfection with them all.   Men and Women Taste Like Chicken is comical, which adds an enticing element so everyone can relate to the information and more easily digest it.   All to shift the reader’s perspective, adding a more positive and tantalizing view.   It better prepares you to pick your most desired flavor for pairing perfection.  Throughout the pages you're challenged and inspired to stop cluckin’ around and start spicing up your love life.

Release Date July 22, 2014.

Tate Publishing


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