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Boost Camp logoTina's Boost Camp is 30 minutes of solid success strategies.  You will immerse yourself in success, motivation and inspiration that will take your success to an all new level.  You'll learn specific strategies for optimum success.  With these strategies, success becomes tangible and larger than you previously imagined.  Each day of Boo$t Camp is a specific theme designed to maximize our time together.

If you want more than the typical motivational speech and more from each day Tina's Boo$t Camp offers more!  If you truly want to reach your goals and live your desires visit Boo$t Camp!  

In order to increase your achievement potential you've got to shift to a new reality and maximize a higher approach  .If you continue your same routine chances are it won't take you to your highest level of success.

Tina's Boo$t Camp is like nothing you've done before.  In just 30 minutes you will see new possibilities and shift your energy to truly believe something greater.  You'll begin creating future opportunities for absolute success.

How are you being inspired?  Who motivates you?  What's your process for success?  You'll learn to maximize your greater strengths for greater results!  Get motivated!  Get inspired! Get the success secrets that will take you to the next level.

Happy Hour Boo$t Camp is  with an added hour and set scheduled late afternoon.  The additional time  is for networking and aura photography  .The aura photos are free for all Boo$t Campers.  All Boo$t Camps and any of these times are open for drop-in's.  Or, you can purchase a package and save!  Each Boo$t Camp has it's specific theme description below.  Call for package rates.

Following are all of the exciting Boo$t Camp topics.

Energetic MarketingPut the “Wow” in your marketing.  Learn to engage people and hit your mark.

Pull the Trigger on Your MotivationTrue motivation is movement that feels right to you.  In this, 30 minute Boost Camp you’ll find your triggers to getting and staying motivated.  

When Shift Hits the FanWhen things get tough, the tough go shift! Learn why successful people always come out on top!  Discover the secret to staying positive in any situation and how shifting came make you wealthy.  Shift any situation to the highest outcome for you!   

Activate Your ExcellenceWe are all far greater and more powerful than we may be feeling.  Finding the truth of your excellence allows you to go farther and accomplish more.  When you believe you are great, the sky’s the limit! You will not only discover it here, you will learn to truly activate your excellence.  

The Biggest Secret to ProsperityWe all desire to prosper and live in abundance.  Here you will learn how to succeed with the power to manifest wealth.  Learn your current value preset and blow past it with the secrets to raise that threshold.  Re-set your value and attract the wealth you desire.  

Yes to SuccessThe Art of Allowing!  Learn to allow success.  Discover why you deserve it.  Every human being has potential to be successful. We were born to achieve! If you’re not yet successful, then you’ve yet to say, “Yes” to Success!  

Preparing for SuccessPreparation is the foundation for success.  If you’ve not yet prepared the structure for success, it cannot be. It has nowhere to land.  When you’re ready for success, it will find you.  Get prepared!  

Advance Your MindsetSuccess is a mindset! Learn some Millionaire Mindset secrets, engage the most beneficial thinking regarding wealth and blow the roof off!

Ignite the Flame WithinYou are much more powerful than you can possibly imagine!  The human mind has yet to truly conceive the depth of how amazing you are.  Learn some techniques to kick-start your inner strength and empower yourself with confidence.   Connect with what really excites you, so you can achieve more and have fun doing it!

Finding Inspiration & Staying InspiredIncredibly uplifting!  There are many ways to find inspiration.  As we explore them you’ll learn to harness it for yourself and draw upon it as needed.  

Energize & EmpowerLearn to ignite maximum inner strength that supplies energy to every cell of your body and empowers you to your highest high.  

Take the Fear Out of SuccessQuickly learn how to embrace success!  You’ll learn to consistently realize your greatest strength even in the face of fear, so you can blow right past it!  

No Boo$t Camps are scheduled at this time.  Please check back.