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This Stress Release Course specifically focuses on how to STOP Stress! Each month there is a different topic addressed that teaches you specific usable techniques to allow you to function at an optimal potential.  You will learn how to regain you power and confidence and own inner strength in even the toughest times. This course teaches the Stress Release InnerPower Skill SetThese skills  remove stress from your life completely!

What is your system for success? Fight or Flight?

When you’re up against a challenge, a deadline or an impossible boss, when you’re scared or feel intimidated, what do you do?  What’s your system for success?  Natural human response is to do one of the two, fight or flight.  When you fight, you push harder, and by doing so, you may actually increase your stress level.  When you take flight, you remove yourself from the situation momentarily, but if the issue remains it hides-out just below your conscious level and robs you of sleep, energy and peace-of-mind.

In this short 90 minute course you’ll learn empowering skills in a 3-step system specifically showing you how to truly release stress and the negative effects it has in your life.   You will learn to manage every situation from a completely different place of knowledge, awareness and strength, so you can live with confidence, to function at your peak perfomance level.  These skills allow you to truly live stress-free.

You’ll learn to:

  • STOP Stress
  • Engage your strengths
  • Realize new possibilities
  • Release your fear of the future
  • Learn empowering skills for change
  • Secure your confidence
  • Over come depression
  • Rid yourself of anxiety and worry
  • Rise above squabbles and stressful situations
  • Revive your hope, motivation and energy
  • Engage your inner power

The Stress Release Course is full of powerful revolutionary techniques to show you a more dynamic and positive way to approach life and manage situations.  When you’re connected to your cores strengths and higher source of awareness you can live with confidence, strong and excitement for life and all it has to offer.

There is no longer a reason to be a victim of stress, which is the number one contributing factor of all ailments.  You can easily apply these skills and techniques to immediately eliminate stress.  This course also teaches you to connect to your inner strength and personal power for instant positive results!

Your company can host the Stress Release Course at your location.