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Program Overview

Full-Life Fitness™ is a 10-week mind-body challenge.  It's a 3-step process and trains in complete vitality!  It's where true happiness begins, a revolutionary newWomen dancing, women dancing with wine approach to life and fitness..  We evaluate the desires you have for every aspect of your life, with health and fitness at the forefront.  The program enlivens your body, bringing life-giving energy to your flesh, so you're free to drop those extra pounds and be your healthiest self.  It awakens your inner strength and brings your  true power to the forefront, so your whole life shifts.  The energy you have and carry becomes your greatest asset for achievement.  The Full-Life Fitness™ 3-step system gives you the tools needed to have the fittest body, healthiest mind and happiest life.  Each step is outlined with action items, broken down in specific bite-sized pieces for your fittest, fullest life experience.   If you want to feel amazing, join the movement.

Fit Body

Full-Life Fitness™ is centered around being our healthiest selves. We believe the mind-body connection is more powerful than what is currently recognized. We teach and train our clients to activate through conscious awareness of body, which engages peek levels of performance. You'd be amazed at what your body can accomplish.

Fit Mind

The whole world around you, your entire experience is a reflection of the patterns of your thinking. A healthy, fit mind creates greatness. So often we are unaware of our thoughts and struggle to maintain forward movement. We know there is nothing stagnant about the mind, thus all things keep moving in the direction of those thoughts. With a fit mind you direct where you want to go. Full-Life Fitness™ shows you how.

Fit Finances

Recognizing the key factors in your struggle with prosperity allows you to overcome them. When you overcome, you can begin to create. Money is an elusive concept for most. Full-Life Fitness™ teaches wealth can be obtained through the discovery of very specific patterns. Awareness of a single pattern can uncover your path to true financial freedom.

Fit Lifestyle

From relationships to recreation...we all want happiness. It's why we're here. Yet, according to the 2017 World Happiness Report, it's rapidly declining, especially in America. Full-Life Fitness™ teaches how to take this back and regain your power to embrace a healthy lifestyle, in relationships and beyond, and how to structure your life for pleasure, so you can accomplish a truly fit and happy life.