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Go Beyond Love!

Couples Coaching, building a loving relationship

Is your relationship leaving you unfulfilled?  Are you feeling stuck?  Do you want more passion?  Do you want more intimacy?  You can have exactly what you crave when you realize what’s missing.  Love is only the beginning.  If you love your partner, yet lack intimacy, closeness and passion, then the secret Codes within the Unbreakable Passion system  will take you beyond love and into the dynamic relationship you desire.  With Tina’s Life Coach Program, Unbreakable Passion you’re guided through the secrets that unlock your best relationship connection ever!

Building your life together can be the most challenging endeavor, yet should be your greatest adventure.  Relationship and Couples Coaching will simplify your challenges and open opportunities for a more dynamic life together.  Your intimate relationship should be the most satisfying.  It is this bond that has the greatest impact on your Life.

Do you feel as though you’ve grown apart?  Do you want to feel closer, yet are so disconnected?  The Unbreakable Passion system walks you through fun exercises that increase communication. This is the biggest element missing in most relationships.  These exercises are fun and easy and create the bond that enlivens your connection.

Love can exist without passion.  Love is merely the starting point.   Isn’t what you really want passion and love?  So, how do you reach and maintain passion that thrills year after year?  How do you keep the excitement and butterflies?   Most relationships get to a point of comfort, then stay there.  That’s it!  Be honest and stop settling for mundane, because there is a tipping point.  When you realize it’s mundane or static, lacking fulfillment and unsatisfying turn it around.  Get the tools!   Move into the depth of your relationship’s intensity by unlocking the secret codes of Unbreakable Passion.  There are powerful techniques, which are the keys to shift your reality.   You CAN go from a difficult and not so great relationship to thrilling, and passionate, if that’s what you want.   Love is the beginning, beyond which is passion, butterflies and goosebumps. 

Unbreakable Passion is living in life-long ecstasy, where the love you’ve built is beyond the surface, but reaches the depth of you and your lover to the degree you feel truly bonded.  Here, there is simply unbridled passion.

The purpose of Unbreakable Passion is so you can stay in-love and live with undying passion!  use the keys within the secret codes to unlock your most intensely passionate relationship.

Tina’s Unbreakable Passion Coaching System walks you, step by step through each code, giving you every finite secret to crack the mysteries of this passionate space.  These are the tools needed to stay madly, crazy in love.  A majority of the keys are exercises and things you can do.  By unlocking each Code you build more and more passion and ecstasy in your relationship.  This opens the doors to your Unbreakable Passion.

It’s no secret that we’re not taught how to build a dynamic relationship, how to enjoy something intensely passionate.  As Tina takes you step by step through each element you will begin to see your relationship in a totally new light.  It gives you all that you need to enjoy a Life of deep love and passion that is truly unbreakable.

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The Secret Codes

  1. The Code of Bonding –  The foundation.  This Code uncovers necessary keys to discovering yourself in the relationship, and really knowing your partner.  This may sound fundamental.  However, without cracking this code many couples find themselves down the road wondering why everything crumbled.  So, as foundational as this may seem this Code makes certain your structure is in order. This can save you, because we all know a house cannot stand on a foundation of sand.  When you unlock this Code, you then have something with which to build.  If your relationship is suffering, it may be because this Code has been overlooked. Now, is the best time to unlock the Code and truly move forward.
  2. The Code of Intimacy:  Within this section are the keys of your greatest strength in unity.  Typically, this is the most overlooked and neglected element of every relationship, which is so unfortunate because it has the potential to bring you your greatest fulfillment.  Let me rephrase that…It holds all the potential for your greatest fulfillment.   Do not under-estimate this Code.  When you open the Code of Intimacy your bond will withstand the test of time.  Here you’ll learn how to truly bond and engage, so your souls resonate as one. By using the keys to unlock this Code a hot love life is built.Hot lips small
  3. The Code of Pure Passion –  It’s the heat of your bond and learning to engage at your core, to move as one.  I’ll give you the keys to unlock this code and connect at such a deep level your partner will forever feel you.  At the sound of your voice they will feel your presence.  Your bodies will crave each other.  Whew…sounds fun right?  Well, it is!  So, when you’re ready to dive in use the keys to unlock all the codes, put them into practice and open the gates to the kingdom of pure passion, Unbreakable Passion.

This coaching program is a highly targeted three (3) month, 12 session package that covers all aspects of your relationship including:  Communication, conflict resolution, how to design and re-design your life together, the simplicity of why things may be difficult, how to overcome hurt, co-creating, the dynamics of synergy, how to combine your energy for amazing results and even create miracles. What you will learn in this short amount of time will redefine the way you live your life together by showing you simple techniques, strategies and giving you skills to do it better.   You will learn to  “Master the Game!”

The Unbreakable Passion Coaching Program includes the downloadable three (3) CD set and playbook.  ($199 value)


Every day, every minute in every step of the way, you  do get to choose the direction in which your love-life is headed.

As a female, there are certain desires that when fulfilled there is bliss in the relationship.  As a male, there’s a simplicity that is necessary and when balanced brings structure to the dynamics of your bond.

The simple truth is the issues you face and the challenges you’re going through can be overcome.  There are proven strategies you can use now that will bring back the passion.