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Program Overview, then watch the 1st training video below.

Fem & Fearless™ is a 12-week 5-step system and trains in living fearless and raising your confidence!  It's where true success begins. It's a revolutionary new approach to life and happiness.  Fem & Fearless™ is 100% female focused training that teaches the Going Fearless method with actionable tools and specific traits outlined.  The program awakens your inner strength and brings your  true power to the forefront, so your whole life shifts.  The energy you have and carry becomes your greatest asset for achievement.  The Fem & Fearless™ 5-step system gives you the tools needed to live your life your way.  Each step is outlined with action items, broken down in specific bite-sized pieces for your greatest success.   If you want to truly live in your power, join the movement.

Tina personally walks your through the 5-Step system, uses bench-marks and accountability.  You will learn to engage your inner strength and take your power back in every situation to gain the results you desire.

Step #1 Self-Discovery

This first step is paramount.  You must gain absolute clarity on who you truly are, what's important to you and what you want, because clarity is confidence and confidence is your earning potential, your happiness, your peace, your strength.

Step #2 Know Your Worth

Fem & Fearless™ elevates your worth, so you understand you're worthy, command respect and effortlessly get what you want.

Step #3 Clear Your Fear

Fem & Fearless™ uncovers the truth about fear.. We reverse engineer fear, turn it upside down and show you how it's the opposite of who you truly are, what you want and what's important to you.  When you understand fear, you can let it go.

Step #4 Live C.L.E.A.R.

The Acronym for CLEAR is Concerted Localized Energy Achieves Results.  This is a revolutionary and powerful method for unifying your energetic frequency to take action toward your desires.  Move forward and live your dreams.

Step #5 Receiving

Going Fearless™ teaches the importance of receiving.  Using the Fem & Fearless™ system, we teach traits of the worthy, how to get really good at receiving and understanding how critical this step is.  

Fem & Fearless Training #1