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Why Getting What You Want Is So Important

There are many points of view regarding getting everything you want.  When you were a child you may have been told you’d be spoiled if you got all that you asked for.  You may have even carried this mindset into adulthood.  Whether you believe you can acquire all your desires or not, there is a significant reason to stop holding back and simply begin receiving.

The fact is; our Universe is ever expanding.  Everything around you is growing, changing shifting and evolving.  Likewise, expansion is significant in your life purpose as well.  As you build on all that you are and have, you’re adding to the growth and evolution of all that is.

It looks like this.  You have desires in your heart, which are intricate and unique.  Knowing your desires drives you to move in unique directions throughout your life.  As you stay true to those desires and draw closer to them, you’re building a greater you.  Accomplishing even the tiniest of your goals, or acquiring something you want adds to the increase of not only you, but all of mankind, thus expansion is realized in monumental ways both seen and even more, unseen.

Life does, sometimes get in the way of the big picture and your true life purpose.  That’s why it’s critical to gain awareness, and have a clear vision of your individual heart’s desire.  When you have that crystallized focus, you can then begin directing your moves toward it.  Then, life’s nuances, twists and turns won’t though you off track, but can begin sculpting it with you.

You have to know where you want to go.  The path isn’t always clear, but the destination has to be.  That’s why that question, “Where do you want to be in five years” is so important.  You cannot allow the path, or the unknown to scare you or intimidate your decisions as to where you’re headed, nor will you ever know all the twists and turns.

Just keep your eyes on the destination and allow the journey to unfold.  Know that each victory, even the tiniest, such as finding the perfect item you’re looking for on sale builds your confidence to continue your expansion, which is what you came here to accomplish.  The little successes along the way are the necessary steps contributing to your courage and determination to fulfilling an even greater purpose.  This is all necessary for the evolution of the Universe expanding as it should.

You accomplishing your goals, getting the things you desire and completing a dynamic project are all your unique contribution to the entire Universe as a whole.  You, your life purpose, your desires and your growth is uniquely designed and critical to evolution in ways you can’t begin to imagine.  The key is to keep your eye on that big picture, your purpose, which is your heart’s passion and then allow the process, not being swayed by life’s sometimes annoying little lessons.  They too are significant for your growth.

If you look around you, you can see a glimpse of the contribution others are making to the overall expansion of this life.  You are here to contribute as well.  Recognize how, see what your success can do for those around you.  This is merely a snapshot of how truly significant your desires are to the evolution and expansion of our Universe.

Wake up every morning knowing what you want, moving in the direction of it, seeing the big picture, and allowing your life to expand.  You have a lot to accomplish in this life for you, those you love and beyond.  Achievement, success and aligning with your desires is not just yours, it’s everyone’s.  That is why getting what you want is so important.



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