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Engage Your Power through Choice!

What you should do in your life can only be determined by you.  You have all the power to be successful and you can be, when you realize it’s the choices you make.  Recognizing the distinction between, what you should do and what you want to do may be the line in the sand between success and failure and happiness and discomfort.

If you’re constantly feeling discomfort, as if you’re forcing yourself to enjoy the direction you’ve taken, consider the idea, you may be going the wrong way, or you may be going the right way, while looking in the wrong direction.  The path of least resistance is most often a path full of passion and purpose.  This does not mean that the best direction will be easy and effort is not necessary.  Great effort with passion just seems effortless.

If you find yourself fighting without passion for the task, look for your power within the options you uncover.  Everything you do, in every direction you take, there is always choice.   Your choices may be to go in the opposite direction and do something completely different, do nothing, or simply find ways to do the same thing a little differently.  Your power lies with you, and in the choices you make that follow your truest heart on any matter.

As an adult, there are no “shoulds,” only choices.  Choosing to follow your desires will lead to the path of least resistance, and will give you greater strength for any task.  Even within a position you may not be currently enjoying.  You always have options to bring your unique qualities and your heart to the endeavor.  If it’s something you’ve chosen to do, bring your desires to it.

It’s understandable to sometimes think or feel like you’re stuck, or that you have no choice.  There are many things, tasks, people and situations that require your attention.  All of life’s twists and turns (or lack of) may, at times leave you feeling powerless.  You are not!  You always have more power in any given situation then you may recognize.  Seeing the forest through the trees isn’t always easy.  However, there are techniques and processes that give you your power back and allow you to accomplish what you want.

Say you work in a cubicle all day on a computer and you don’t like your job.  However, you want to stay because it pays enough, so you realize it’s the best choice at the time.  By simply giving yourself the awareness of that choice being yours, gives the power back to you. Now, while you’re there find different ways to bring your unique personality and strengths to the tasks.

Doing any endeavor with passion and a smile will always allow more dynamic results.  Many times, it might be as simple as wearing your ipod headset to enjoy your favorite music, or bringing comic relief to your co-workers.  You are there for the purpose of bringing your unique talents.  So, what are they?  When you recognize how best to apply them, it gives you incredible opportunities to discover something even greater.  It’s from this position you’ll begin to reveal the most dynamic foundation for building the life you came here to live.

Exploring many paths in life is sometimes necessary in order to find your distinct path.  Realizing this life is an exploration, full of choices and decisions allows you the space to discover even more.  Making choices that align with your truest self draws you closer to your greater success.  When you unleash your strengths the choices become more and more obvious.  Living through your inner strength gives you power that allows you to recognize where you are in your journey.   The journey gets extremely enjoyable as you engage your power through each and every choice.



  1. Johnavon on August 28, 2011 at 10:28 pm

    Great hammer of Thor, that is powreuflly helpful!

    • Kristanna on September 20, 2011 at 2:36 am

      TYVM you’ve solved all my problems.

  2. Kindsey on August 29, 2011 at 3:21 pm

    Dude, right on there brohter.

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