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Wealth and You

There's a single expression keeping you from your fortune, of which wealth is on the other side.  You can break this pattern when you see its not protecting you, but is the wall between you and your desire, from money to relationships.  Full-Life Fitness™ tears down the wall.


You must love yourself before you can love another.  This may not seem easy. But, Full-Life Fitnessshows you how to love you first and conquer your strength.  Learn to align with your true self, so you can more effectively pursue other bonds.  Your truth is a magnet for love.

Biggest Little Secret

The mind-body connection is responsible for your happiest, healthiest life.  Not many know what it means to connect mind and body, even fewer know how.  You cannot have real fitness or truly a vibrant life without it.  But with it, you can have both.  This is Full-Life Fitness™.

The Gateway

Clear the path...gain awareness and create something new.  You'll be amazed at how simple and beautiful life is when you open the gateway where greatness awaits.  Learn to align with the change that can take you where you want to go.

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3 Doable Steps

Full-Life Fitness is a systematic 3-step process that allows you to reach your desires and maintain the lifestyle you want.  Smashing goals, seeing success and even losing weight is simple when you're willing to see things differently.  Are you ready?

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Sustainalble Happiness

When you're truly in your power, you'll be amazed how things come together, how well and how much you can accomplish.  If you want to truly enjoy life, Full-Life Fitnessis the gateway.  Full-Life Fitness™ is happiness...period!  Join the movement. 

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What Others Are Saying - Real Clients, Real Results

“It's hard to believe my dream and vision I talked about with you is now my reality.  My life has done a 180 since working with you.  It's been an incredible journey of success.   I often go back to my notes from our meetings.  Your help got me to this point.  A lot can change in a year and half and my business is proof. Thank you so much for everything. I am appreciative for everything you've taught me. You hold a special place in my heart.” – Holly Humphreys-Reyes, Owner, 951 Fitness & Gym

What Tina did in assisting me to put my personal life back together was so magnificent that I also retained her to do the same for my growing business. With 8 large new projects, she assisted in centering all details, creating a strategy and structure, so all the puzzle pieces to what promises to be a great business are falling into place effortlessly.  I can't thank you enough! - Susanna Flores, CA Healthcare Systems, Founder

Thank you for the inspiring workshop for my team and as a continued follower, your messages are very inspiring.  You've made me realize an inner strength and power I never knew I had. - Margie, V.P. Sears Optical National Sales Division, Luxotica Intl. Inc.

Tina Finn is so amazing and special in every way! She truly cares and wants the best for her clients. She helps you find true inner happiness and confidence so that you may succeed at life. - Jessica Leavitt

Working with Tina is one of the best decisions I have made both personally and professionally. I was struggling to balance owning a thriving business and having a fulfilling personal life. Tina’s strategies not only helped create a balanced life but also helped in realizing what I really wanted for my business. With her help, I made some small changes and have redirected my energy. Immediately after adjusting my energy and attitude I started attracting the right clients. I am enjoying my work and my life much more and would recommend Tina to anyone struggling with having a fulfilling life. - Kristi Reedy

I just wanted to let you know Tina...that after 3 months of have made a dramatic impact on Debbie's and my lives. Thanks for your professionalism and support. You're the glad I made the decision to have you as my coach. A person doesn't realize the potential they have sometimes and the little things that can make such a difference...Thanks again for your friendship, caring and make a difference! All the best in this New Year for you and your family 🙂 - Mike Neel

Tina’s passion for helping others and her personal drive to always better herself makes her an excellent coach. She has helped me overcome many issues and challenges. She is now the first one I turn to for assistance and guidance through life’s ups, and downs. - David Reese

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Tina Finn is a Human Energy Expert, with credentials from IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, as a Energy Leadership Master Practitioner. Practicing since 2008.


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